Prague - Vibrant and Inspiring City

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, some might even say the world. In 2015 Prague was declared as the best place to live in the Czech Republic. As the cultural, political and economic centre of the Czech Republic, Prague enjoys a rich cultural scene and diverse nightlife.

Why ISS?

Rich Student life

You can be sure that you will be provided rich opportunities for enjoying your life in Prague. Besides your study programme, Charles University offers also numerous sport activities and student organizations you can be part of.  Prague is well known for its quantity of theatres, museums and galleries where you can experience Czech as well as cosmopolitan culture. There are lots of clubs, bars and authentic Czech pubs where you can meet people from all over the world.

Highly Professional Approach

Institute of Sociological Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, belongs to the leading Czech academic and research institutions in the field of social sciences. Choosing to study with us you can be sure to get the highest quality education in your field of interest. We will help you on your way to become an active, confident and critical thinker with a passion for your subject.

Very Friendly Environment at ISS

The professional approach of our institute goes hand in hand with a family-like atmosphere of our institute. On both departments of ISS you will feel this unique atmosphere among our lecturers who are always ready to meet our students and discuss all the important issues with them.

Long Tradition of Charles University

Institute of Sociological Studies is a part of Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University. This university is one of the oldest universities in Europe and has a strong academic and research reputation. In the field of social sciences Charles university belongs to the leading universities in the Czech Republic.

Very Popular Place to Study.

Charles University came 5th in the popularity ranking of European universities, based on the Erasmus Programme.

Prague is cheap

In comparison to many European cities the life expenses in Prague are rather low. It is a great place to live, study and enjoy your life. You can get accommodation, food and entertainment for reasonable prices here.

Our Students Love It Here!

I am really happy to choose Charles University and my Master at the Institute of Sociological Studies (ISS). If I have to sum up in brief words my experience I can tell you this: Great professors, perfect environment and challenging study.

Henry Dominguez Student of Public and Social Policy

Studying at the Institute of Sociological Studies (ISS) is a discovery journey and an awesome experience! It has widened my (academic) networking peripheries and research experiences as well as deepened my critical thinking skill with an in-depth knowledge of interdisciplinary research field. Moreover, the competent lecturers and professional academic staffs are supportive with the necessary assistance and guidance through my pathways’ trajectory. In addition, the environment, its cultural activities, and friendly neighborhood are exclusive activities enriching the choice of my studying process in Prague.

Eddy Bruno Esien doctoral student of Public and Social Policy

The multidisciplinary approach of the study, the knowledgeable faculty and the supportive environment, in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, makes it an experience of a lifetime.

Rokia Aidahis Doctoral student of Public & Social Policy

I decided to do my Ph.D. in Prague, at ISS, because I have a great perspective from here.

Ludmila Wladyniak Doctoral student of Sociology

One of the most memorable parts of studying at ISS besides an engaging variety of the courses was a family-like environment established in both the classrooms and student offices.  That did not only foster my academic motivation, but also made me feel like home!

Xeniya Yegorova Student of Sociology in European Context

I made the right choice having picked this program. A wide spectrum of interesting and useful subjects satisfies my interests. Proper balance of theoretical and practical approaches makes my diploma competitive in labour market.

Valeriia Galushkewych Student of Sociology in European Context

My study here in Prague have been really good. I felt very welcomed here during the orientation week and I felt that I got enough information about studying here before and during the exchange. I am really satisfied with the courses I’ve been taking, I feel like the professors have been good as well. One thing that I have to point out a bit extra is the SIS system. The fact that I can read all of my course material on this webiste instead of buying all the books (as we have to do in Sweden), have been so good and so practical. Overall I have to say that my time here in Prague have been really good and I wish I was staying two semesters instead of one.

Emilia Palmgren Erasmus+ student of Sociology

Τhe Erasmus Program gave me the opportunity to get to know Prague and the educational system of Charles University. It was a unique and special experience. Prague is a magical and beautiful city full of attractions and squares, magical landscapes.

The courses seemed to me a little harder than those at our university back home. This may be due to the fact that all the classes I attended here were in English while back home, all courses are in my mother language which is Greek. Nevertheless all this process helped to improve my English enough, something important for my future.

Irini Savva Erasmus+ student of Sociology

„I can definitely recommend to study at ISS and I have a lot of reasons for that I want to share. Studying at ISS was a very enriching experience for me, because they offer a lot of different interesting seminars and lectures for Sociology students. There are so many topics to choose from, so that you can easily create a individual schedule for your semester in Prague.

Also the way of teaching is exciting and different from the teaching style of my home country Germany. It is very pleasant to join the seminars and lectures, because you are able to discuss things and ask questions due to the quite small size of the sessions.“

Jessica Werking Erasmus+ student of Sociology

Study Programmes

Erasmus+ or visiting

We offer a wide range of interesting courses:

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Social Sciences (Bc.)

Social Sciences is a three-year English-language Bachelor’s degree interdisciplinary programme, which aims to develop students’ analytical skills in social sciences. The main focus of the programme is on studying current issues and problems that are essentially transdisciplinary, such as complexity management, governance, mediatisation of social relations or interdependence of society, technology and the natural environment. The second axis of the programme is social research methodology (about one-third of credits), which is a prerequisite for the development of students’ analytical skills and for finding practical solutions to complex issues. We teach analytical and interpretative approaches symmetrically. In comparison with similar undergraduate programmes, we pay great attention to the preparation of the bachelor thesis. The emphasis on the final thesis contributes not only to the development of soft skills (language, presentation, expression of thoughts) but also serves as a preparation for project-oriented research that dominates the current expert knowledge production. The structure of compulsory optional subjects corresponds to the field portfolio developed at the Faculty of Social Sciences and enables students to profile according to their interest or with a view to follow-up studies.

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Master in Sociology of Contemporary Societies

It is a two-year English-language Master’s programme designed for students interested in gaining in-depth knowledge of the state of the present-day field of sociology and social anthropology, including their theory and research methods. It features a strong core of sociology and social anthropological courses in three specializations, from which the student choses one: 1. Civil Society and Politics, 2. Anthropology of Space and Mobility, and 3. Identities, Health, and Bodies. Graduates will have the skills and competencies needed to conduct sociological research and cooperate effectively on both analytic and problem solving tasks, allowing them to work as researchers, an experts, analysts or project managers either in the public sector, non-profit organisations or private companies.

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Doctoral in Sociology

The program is realized in collaboration with the Institute of Sociology, The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and is focused on scientific inquiry, independent creative work, and deepening of theoretical knowledge. The programme prepares the students for scientific career and teaching in the field of academic as well as applied research. The graduates can work at universities, research institutions, private companies, and other areas where high level of theoretical and methodological education in sociology and social research is required.

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Master in Public and Social Policy

Public and Social Policy is a two-year programme, which aims to provide students with current relevant knowledge of policy-making process and cultivate their analytical skills. In addition to theoretical knowledge about policy-making process, the programme will offer deeper knowledge in concrete policy domains such as social policy, health policy, educational policy, employment policy or others. The special attention in the programme will be given to research methodology and policy analysis skills. The combination of knowledge about policy process and methodology skills will lead to unique competences and excellent professional employment or for further studying or research career.

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Doctoral in Public and Social Policy

The programme prepares students for basic and applied research and teaching in the academia as well as other types of activities requiring a high level of theoretical and methodological education in PSP. Graduates are prepared to teach public and social policy at all levels as well as to pursue qualified research work. Relevant jobs are available, above all, at colleges in the Czech Republic and abroad. Further options include qualified policy analysis and policy design in diverse fields (family, education, etc.) as analysts or advisers; work in politics, public administration, or the civic sector.

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Master in Sociology, Communication & Media

Two-year English-language Master’s programme Society, Communication and Media (SCM) is designed for international students interested in gaining in-depth knowledge of the state of the present-day field including both its theory and research methods. The curriculum offers foreign and Czech students up-to-date and relevant expertise in a prospective and rapidly evolving field of mass media and sociology. It is taught by academics of the Institute of Sociological Studies (ISS FSV UK) and the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism (ICSJ FSV UK).

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