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We live in a rather complex and dynamically changing society. This ‘liquid‘ environment offers various and often unexpected possibilities we may not be specifically trained for. Readiness to embrace diverse career opportunities is one of the essential prerequisites for success in today’s world. Precisely that ability is cultivated during the study of two related disciplines - Sociology and Public and Social Policy - at the Institute of Sociological Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences.
Regarding your future employment, we are not able to provide you with any particular job or position. But we can make an important contribution to your capability to get an interesting one. We are therefore an excellent choice in a world in which everyone is forced to run, not only those who are truly born to run.
Study at the Institute of Sociological Studies at Charles University will change your perspective and equip you with a new set of skills. You will have the ability to orientate, to set and achieve your goals, but also to meet the requirements of the ever changing society.
The world into which you are entering, not only has any resemblance to the world of your parents, but it does not even resemble the world of your older siblings. We stand today on the threshold of a world in which the properties of the whole society are changing. It is therefore difficult to accurately plan the career path. Some sociologists argue that today's job market does not allow for stable career paths. Whether we like it or not, in such a world it is unwise to 'put all your eggs in one basket' , on a single project of your professional future.
The aim of the study is to help students to orient themselves in such a world. Together with us, you will be successful in your professional life. Our graduates work in diverse fields such as private companies engaged in market research, media, public administration, and non-profit sector.

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Sociology in European Context
The two-year programme focuses on the study of important social processes that are taking place in today's Europe. It provides students opportunities to carry out sociological research in teams or individually and to develop skills such as data collection, analysis and interpretation. During their studies, students will examine the processes and phenomena of international migration, nationalism, civil society and social change in the contemporary European context.
Graduates will have the skills and competencies needed to conduct sociological research and cooperate effectively on both analytic and problem solving tasks, allowing them to work as researchers, an experts, analysts or project managers either in the public sector, non-profit organisations or private companies..

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Public and Social Policy
Public and Social Policy is a two-year programme, which aims to provide students with current relevant knowledge of policy-making process and cultivate their analytical skills. In addition to theoretical knowledge about policy-making process, the programme will offer deeper knowledge in concrete policy domains such as social policy, health policy, educational policy, employment policy or others. The special attention in the programme will be given to research methodology and policy analysis skills. The combination of knowledge about policy process and methodology skills will lead to unique competences and excellent professional employment or for further studying or research career.

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The program is realized in collaboration with the Institute of Sociology, The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and is focused on scientific inquiry, independent creative work, and deepening of theoretical knowledge. The programme prepares the students for scientific career and teaching in the field of academic as well as applied research. The graduates can work at universities, research institutions, private companies, and other areas where high level of theoretical and methodological education in sociology and social research is required.

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Public and Social Policy
The programme prepares students for basic and applied research and teaching in the academia as well as other types of activities requiring a high level of theoretical and methodological education in PSP. Graduates are prepared to teach public and social policy at all levels as well as to pursue qualified research work. Relevant jobs are available, above all, at colleges in the Czech Republic and abroad. Further options include qualified policy analysis and policy design in diverse fields (family, education, etc.) as analysts or advisers; work in politics, public administration, or the civic sector.

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People at ISS

We are a team of lecturers with a scientific expertise and international experience, and a bunch of brainy students, who like studying the society (some of them would like to make the society a better place to live). We asked few of them what would they tell prospective students...


Prof. Martin Potůček
Public and Social Policy


Barbora Spalová, PhD.
Social Anthropology


Doc. Ondřej Císař, PhD.
Political Sociology


Paul Blokker, PhD.
Social Theories


Edona Begu

Public and Social Policy


Valeriia Galushkevych

Sociology in European Context


Izabela Kulezsa

Public and Social Policy


Xeniya Yegorova

Sociology in European Context

Partner Universities

Faculty of Social Sciences has the most intensive international student mobility at Charles University. This holds true also for ISS. Our students have an opportunity to spend a semester on exchange study stay abroad (Erasmus+, Free movers...). And vice versa: many students come from our partner universities to study at ISS. These are only a few examples of our partner universities. To see a full list of our partner universities across Europe please click here.














During their studies our students intern at research and administrative institutions in both civil and private sectors. We cooperate with our partners on reseraches and our lecturers also teach there. Our graduates find permanent employment in these and other organizations.

Academic Institutions


Research Agencies


Ministries and State Institutions


NGOs and Non-profits


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