Tuition fees

500 EUR per year

Programme Duration

Doctoral – 4 years

Application deadline

April 30th, 2018



The Sociology doctoral study programme at the FSV UK is open: anybody with a Master’s (or equivalent) degree. Applicants must submit a research proposal outlining the topic of his/her envisaged dissertation, a list of literature read within the field, a list of scholarly texts written or published, information on their existing research experience, and if necessary, any other relevant information for assessing their study competence to the Programme Coordinator before their admission interview. The dissertation topic should be consulted with a member of academic staff at the Department of Sociology and agreed on future supervision before the application. Remaining application documents are submitted to the Mail Room, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, Smetanovo nábřeží 6, 110 01 Praha 1. Only applicants who succeed in the admission proceedings shall be admitted to study.

The admission proceedings take the form of an interview (discussion) in person or via video conference. The goal of the discussion is to verify the applicant’s ability to comply with the requirements of the Sociology doctoral programme

All applications must include:

Completed application form.

Copies of all relevant diplomas and transcripts. Copies of diplomas and transcripts do not have to be certified. However, if you submit uncertified copies you must bring the originals of all submitted documents with you to Prague, so we can confirm their authenticity. If you have not yet finished your previous studies and thus do not have a diploma please submit a confirmation of studies including an information on the expected date of graduation.

Dissertation Proposal (see below)

Applicants for all programmes should apply here: ONLINE APPLICATION

Please note: Do not forget to finalize your online application by hitting the send button and please remember to upload all your supporting documents before you finalize your application.


Applicants shall submit a written Dissertation Proposal along with their application for admission. The Proposal forms the basis of the admission interview and shall include:

* definition of the subject matter or research goal,
* summary of existing knowledge,
* goals and preliminary time schedule,
* methods of implementation,
* expected research outcomes,
* bibliography,
* summary (300-400 words).

Applicants shall annex to their Proposal a list of their written and/or published papers, professional record in sociological research, and other information documenting their qualification and preparedness to carry out the doctoral research proposed.

The dissertation topic should be consulted with a member of academic staff at the Department of Sociology and agreed on future supervision before the application. However, the topic may be updated and finalized during the first year of study. The dissertation topic and any subsequent substantial changes thereof (substantial character being determined by the advisor) are subject to approval by the Subject Board. Partial changes are subject to advisor’s approval, and the advisor shall inform the Subject Board after giving his approval.


The deadline for academic year 2018/19 is April 30th, 2018. No extension of this deadline is possible.


Tuition fee for the programme is 500 EUR per year. Please note that these fees cover only the cost of instruction and examinations, and that students are responsible for paying their own expenses (lodging, food etc.).


Although Charles University has a very limited number of scholarships for internal doctoral students (both Czech and foreign), applicants should be aware that this university scholarship is intended only as a top-up fund (on average 6300 CZK per month for first-year students, which is approximately 230 EUR per month, and 7600 CZK for students in the later stages of their study). All successful applicants for internal doctoral studies are automatically considered for the university scholarship. No additional application is necessary.

However, there are many research grants, research and teaching assistantships, and other scholarship opportunities available to all Ph.D. students, who are also encouraged to apply for both foreign and Czech research funding (including the Czech government scholarship. Please ask your own Ministry of Education for help in this matter).


You have the same rights and opportunities as students enrolled in our Czech programs, therefore you are eligible to take part in international student exchange projects. However, because student status is conditional on the payment of school fees and/or various scholarships, some special conditions apply. More information regarding opportunities for international students is available here.

See a complete list of our partner universities.

Any questions?

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Our Students Love It Here!

I am really happy to choose Charles University and my Master at the Institute of Sociological Studies (ISS). If I have to sum up in brief words my experience I can tell you this: Great professors, perfect environment and challenging study.

Henry Dominguez Student of Public and Social Policy

Studying at the Institute of Sociological Studies (ISS) is a discovery journey and an awesome experience! It has widened my (academic) networking peripheries and research experiences as well as deepened my critical thinking skill with an in-depth knowledge of interdisciplinary research field. Moreover, the competent lecturers and professional academic staffs are supportive with the necessary assistance and guidance through my pathways’ trajectory. In addition, the environment, its cultural activities, and friendly neighborhood are exclusive activities enriching the choice of my studying process in Prague.

Eddy Bruno Esien doctoral student of Public and Social Policy

The multidisciplinary approach of the study, the knowledgeable faculty and the supportive environment, in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, makes it an experience of a lifetime.

Rokia Aidahis Doctoral student of Public & Social Policy

I decided to do my Ph.D. in Prague, at ISS, because I have a great perspective from here.

Ludmila Wladyniak Doctoral student of Sociology

One of the most memorable parts of studying at ISS besides an engaging variety of the courses was a family-like environment established in both the classrooms and student offices.  That did not only foster my academic motivation, but also made me feel like home!

Xeniya Yegorova Student of Sociology in European Context

I made the right choice having picked this program. A wide spectrum of interesting and useful subjects satisfies my interests. Proper balance of theoretical and practical approaches makes my diploma competitive in labour market.

Valeriia Galushkewych Student of Sociology in European Context

My study here in Prague have been really good. I felt very welcomed here during the orientation week and I felt that I got enough information about studying here Before and during the Exchange. I am really satisfied with the Courses I’ve been taking, I feel like the professors have been good as well. One thing that I have to point out a bit extra is the SIS system. The fact that I can read all of my course material on this webiste instead of buying all the books (as we have to do in Sweden), have been so good and so practical. Overall I have to say that my time here in Prague have been really good and I wish I was staying two semesters instead of one.

Emilia Palmgren Erasmus+ student of Sociology

Τhe Erasmus Program gave me the opportunity to get to know Prague and the educational system of Charles University. It was a unique and special experience. Prague is a magical and beautiful city full of attractions and squares, magical landscapes.

The courses seemed to me a little harder than those at our university back home. This may be due to the fact that all the classes I attended here were in English while back home, all courses are in my mother language which is Greek. Nevertheless all this process helped to improve my English enough, something important for my future.

Irini Savva Erasmus+ student of Sociology

„I can definitely recommend to study at ISS and I have a lot of reasons for that I want to share. Studying at ISS was a very enriching experience for me, because they offer a lot of different interesting seminars and lectures for Sociology students. There are so many topics to choose from, so that you can easily create a individual schedule for your semester in Prague.

Also the way of teaching is exciting and different from the teaching style of my home country Germany. It is very pleasant to join the seminars and lectures, because you are able to discuss things and ask questions due to the quite small size of the sessions.“

Jessica Werking Erasmus+ student of Sociology

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